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Callisto by scenceable
Callisto is a ooak (one of a kind) hippocampus or seahorse sculpture. He is made from polymer clay over wire and foil. Callisto is about 10 inches long from tail tip to front hoof, and about 5 inches tall to the top of his head fin. Callisto's fins are made from fantasy film and clear gel, and are extremely iridescent, changing colours in different lighting. Callisto is a light, iridescent gold with darker gold highlighting. He has one swarvorski crystal on his forehead. He also has tibetan lamb fur on his face and legs. 

He is for sale on etsy:…
Bisclavret by scenceable
Bisclavret is a ooak (one of a kind) kitsune, or fairy wolf sculpture. She is made from polymer clay over a wire and foil armature. Bisclavret is about 11 inches long and 8.5 inches tall to the top of her wings. she has been painted to a light iridescent violet with gold highlighting. Her wings and frills are made from fantasy film and clear gel. 

This one was a lot of fun to make! I had a lot of challenges with the frills and wings and painting all the small spaces, but I like how she turned out.

Bisclavret is for sale on etsy:…
Baphometh by scenceable
Baphometh is a ooak (one of a kind) goat sculpture, he's about 2 or 3 inches tall. He was a Christmas present for the most cutest, beautifullest person on the entire planet :heart: :heart:

Made from polymer clay over a foil base, painted in acrylics. The eyes are resin :)
Sculpture Packing Tutorial by scenceable
Sculpture Packing Tutorial
I have a lot of questions about packing and it's one of those things that's super hard to find info for so I made a really quick tutorial. Hope it is somewhat useful! :) 
Urchin by scenceable
Urchin ia a ooak (one of a kind) seahorse/ hippocampus or kelpie sculpture. He is made from polymer clay over wire and foil and painted in acrylics. He is about 8.5 inches tall and 9.5 inches long from tail to back fin. He has inset resin eyes, and has been painted to a deep bronze with green and light gold highlights. His fins are made from fantasy film and clear gel, and are translucent and change colour slightly in different lighting. 

Urchin was a lot of fun to make. The fins are a challenge especially getting the final colour scheme to match but I like how he turned out!
Urchin is for sale on etsy:…
Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well :heart:

I have 3 weeks off at the moment to dedicate to art and friends/ family stuff, which is amazing. We had a crazy 6 week condensed semester from September to October, and then I was on placement which was nice but is a different type of exhausting. I was placed in an acute care hospital on a stroke unit, so it was quite stressful but I learned a lot. We have one more semester of class in January (a normal semester this time!) with exams in April, and then we have two gigantic placements back to back that will take me to August. Besides one week "off" in February, the next 3 weeks is the last break I get! 

For art, I currently have 3 sculptures almost done that I need to photograph and list for sale. These are the kelpie/seahorse, the fairy wolf/kistune, and the "watercolour" Borealis kirin. In addition to those, I am working on a waterfall base with a sparkly vanner type horse atop. I have also started 3 new sculptures, one is a dapple grey andalusian unicorn (started in August) and the other two are just unicorn armatures right now, TBD. One is going to be pegged onto a snowy base. They're both likely going to be whitist grey/ dappley/ silver, but we'll see! I also have this weird demon horse that has been sitting here, and a few other projects I might pick up. Hopefully I can be super productive!

My august was cut short because I got super sick about halfway through, which was really sad! So now I'm trying to finish off the projects I started then. I'm really excited about the 3 current ones I have going, and the new 3 unicorns I'll be working on. 

There isn't a whole lot else going on besides school. I went to a few concerts in Sept/Oct, got to go to the Royal Winter Fair in November (horses, yay!) with WormsandBones which was really fun too! I climbed the CN tower again in September, had a student potluck on Thanksgiving, and am pretty sure I passed on my classes last semester! So life is good. 

That's all from me, I'm going to try to use DA a lot in the next 3 weeks, feel free to link me stuff! I haven't been keeping up with my followers or any new sculpture stuff on deviantart at all! How are you all?? :hug: 

Commissions: permanently closed 
Trades: permanently closed


Janine H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
:wave: Hi everyone, my name is Janine, I'm 23 years old living in Toronto, Ontario. I joined DeviantArt in 2005 after hearing about it from a friend. I am currently going to University, working on my M.Sc. in Occupational Therapy.

When I first joined DA I did a lot of traditional flat work - pencil, pastel, coloured pencil, and the like. I tried digital and did a few paintings that way but have always preferred traditional. In 2008 I tried sculpting, at first using apoxie sculpt and then switching to polymer clay. I thought it was really fun and soon became hooked. My focus has been mostly horses and kirins but I am always working to branch out and improve. I am very accepting of critique and honest comments!

I am generally very open to answering questions about materials and things relating to sculpture. I am slow with replying to comments and am sometimes slow with notes too, so it may take a while to get a reply but I will do my best. There is a FAQ section on my website that answers general things and a few tutorials in my gallery that should give you an idea of how I do things. However, if you have specific questions feel free to note me.

I am currently closed for commissions for at least 2 years while I finish school. I will still be listing items on etsy from time to time.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy your stay! :heart:

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